Manor Lodge Primary School - 2012
Manor Lodge Primary School – 2012

In 2012 and 2014 we did a couple of articles on Manor Lodge Primary School on Manor Lane. This is a prominent Grade II listed building on the corner of City Road and at the time of writing was destined to become a restaurant to be added to a local businessman’s chain. A lot of money was spent on it and a great deal of restoration took place, including the lovely original cast iron radiators. Unfortunately these went on the missing list which must have been very disheartening for the owner after all his efforts. Possibly this was responsible for his change of plan as the school complex was then turned into a very good residential scheme. The building converted admirably and 5 apartments were created.


However plans have now been submitted to squash a 4 bedroom house on the small plot of land adjacent to the school. This is totally inappropriate development as it badly affects the setting of the listed building and the design and proposed fenestration of the house would have a severe impact all round. When we took these photos last week we couldn’t help but notice pallets of bricks and stone stacked behind the gates to the left of the building. Does the word ‘presumption’ spring to mind?

Please give the old school some breathing space.


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